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Downton Abbey DVD Commentaries → S1E1 (Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame, and Brian Percival)


Julian: In this scene, I remember I was really annoyed when I saw the rushes that the Duke had been allowed to carry a stick because I felt that with Bates’s stick, the whole thing was turning into a sort of stick festival.

Gareth: They fulfill different functions though, don’t they?

Julian: Well, they do, although I think the Duke looks as if he’s leaning on it!


Julian: This was one of the mistakes we couldn’t get rid of…he also shakes hands with Cora and with the girls in gloved hands so I was gnashing my teeth at the rushes. But every now and then you’ve got to admit when you’re beaten.

BrianIt was very difficult to separate Charlie [Cox] from that stick. He loved it.

Julian: I know but I felt Brendan ought to have stepped forward and said “In this show, I’m the one with the stick, buddy!”

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